Experience leading companies as well as transactions.
Backgrounds in financial services and technology.

We consider our team's breadth of experience within the financial sector an asset we can harness on behalf of our portfolio companies. We seek to bring a specialist perspective to the table, offering guidance and insights beyond the generalist playbook and a global network of industry relationships to tap into.

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Jeff Greenberg
Carly Arluke
Benedict Baerst
Ezra Berger
Trey Block
Ian Broadwater
Stephanie Buckland
Max Chee
Michael Cichowski
Brian Coburn
Eric Dunheimer
Mara Ehrhardt
Catherine Escobar
James Fisher
Jeff Foote
Meghan Gaffney
Kevin Gregory
Geoff Kalish
Chrissy Klopacs
Danté La Ruffa
Vincenzo La Ruffa
Scott Leach
Mitch Leidner
Thomas Lynch
Larissa Marcellino
Elisa Miller
Mason Mohring
Joe Pappalardo
Steve Pearn
Jacob Pincus
Cole Riccardi
Richard Rosenbaum
Jason Rotman
Wendy San Martin
Jahanvi Sardana
Dan Savage
Nick Seibert
Dhruv Sharma
A.J.C. Smith
Zach Smith
Jaryd Solomon
Steven Spiegel
Aleksandra Tyurina
Igno Van Waesberghe
Christina Walsh
Christopher Watson
Matt Woeste
Craig Wunderlich