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Aquiline, due to its ownership interest in, and/or governance rights over, a portfolio company, is often in a position to influence decisions regarding executive compensation, executive hiring and firing, and other similar matters in relation to that portfolio company. Such relationships give rise to potential conflicts of interest on the part of portfolio company executives who make statements about Aquiline. For example, a portfolio company executive may have an incentive to make a positive statement about Aquiline in order to influence Aquiline with respect to decisions Aquiline may make in regards to the portfolio company that may benefit the executive (e.g., decisions relating to executive compensation). Moreover, portfolio company executives may have an incentive to make a positive statement about Aquiline in order to influence Aquiline to grant the executive preferential terms with respect to any personal investment that he or she has made, or may in the future make, in a Aquiline-managed vehicle.

While certain of these portfolio company executives are investors in Aquiline-managed vehicles (as of the dates they made their statements), the statements made herein are meant to reflect their experiences as Aquiline portfolio company executives and not their experiences as Aquiline investors (if applicable). Certain of the portfolio companies discussed are controlled by Aquiline (as of the dates these statements were made). Investment in any of the strategies described on the Website entails various substantial risks and risk factors. There is no guarantee that the investment objectives of the strategies will be achieved and returns may vary significantly over time. Investment in the strategies described on the Website is not suitable for all investors. You acknowledge that participation in any strategy is speculative in nature, involves a high degree of risk and is intended only for experienced and sophisticated investors.

Any investment strategy described on the Website entails various substantial risks, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that the investment objectives of such strategies will be achieved. These risks relate to, among other things: the highly competitive market for investment opportunities; dependence on Aquiline’s ability to identify and consummate suitable investments and add value to its portfolio companies; general risks associated with portfolio companies’ businesses; changes in economic or market conditions, legal or regulatory requirements and tax laws; reliance on portfolio company management teams; the risks associated with early-stage growth companies and less established businesses; costs associated with investing; and the ability to recruit and retain talented and well-qualified investment professionals. For the avoidance of doubt, the preceding paragraph merely identifies at a high level some of the risk factors associated with the investment strategies described on this Website and does not, by any means, purport to provide a complete and sufficiently detailed description of the various substantial risks associated with such strategies.