Our investment strategy

We are a New York and London based private equity firm seeking to add value to its portfolio companies through strategic, operational, and financial guidance.

Our Strategies



Typical Investment Profile

$50 million to $2 billion enterprise value platform companies and add-ons of all sizes


Equity investments from $20 to $200 million


Majority or minority ownership


Financial services, fintech, and business services / software companies close to the financial sector

The private equity team seeks to invest thematically, looking at industry trends and then zeroing in on niches of interest.

Investments tend to be $20-200 million, either funded all at once or over time. We move quickly and generally do not shy away from tough carve-outs and other complicated transaction types.

How the strategies interact

We believe our two strategies enjoy a symbiotic relationship, developing unique relationship networks within the same industry. Our team looks to introduce cutting edge technologies to organizations who can deploy at scale and bring deeper market intel, insight, and capability to each of our portfolio companies.