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What is Aquiline?

Aquiline provides private capital to innovative leaders in financial services and technology. We look for teams that have cracked complex end markets, entrepreneurs who have commercialized their expertise, and companies that are indispensable to their clients. Success stories can be found across the financial services sector. But we appreciate how many of these businesses operate behind the scenes, largely unnoticed and underappreciated by the broader market. Aquiline partners with teams working to build these enterprises into category leaders.

Aquiline substantially contributed in building our business. Unlike other private equity firms, I always felt like I was talking to my partners. Eleven years post IPO and I still speak with Chris Watson and Jeff Greenberg regularly.Ed Noonan, former CEO of Validus
Aquiline has a good blend of senior operating partners who had deep experience in our industry, coupled with smart financial minds and expertise. They also focused on not just the right financial outcome for them, but the right ultimate outcome for the management team and wider staff. Grahame Millwater, Beach CEO
I am not sure if another private equity firm would have had the capability to buy ERS from IAG back in 2013. It was only the combination of Aquiline's deep sector knowledge, combined with their partners' experience of actually running companies, that enabled it to get comfortable with the value creation thesis and the relative risk / reward in the investment.Ian Parker, ERS CEO
Having spent months researching our space prior to their first call, Aquiline had a very specific plan and theory about what they would like to do to help us recognize greater value. They have done exactly what they said they were going to do, and much more.Todd Reaves, OmegaFi founder
While certain of these portfolio company executives are investors in Aquiline-managed vehicles (as of the dates they made their statements), the statements made herein are meant to reflect their experiences as Aquiline portfolio company executives and not their experiences as Aquiline investors (if applicable).