The Aquiline investment team, led by Jeff Greenberg, the former chairman of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., comprises dedicated investment professionals who have spent the majority of their careers in financial services businesses.

With decades of experience as investors in, managers of, and bankers to financial services businesses around the world, they have built, operated, advised, bought, and sold businesses in almost every industry in the financial services sector. The investment team is supported by an active group of Executive Advisors consisting of industry experts with whom the investment team has established relationships.

Aquiline believes that the breadth and depth of the team's experience will enable Aquiline to offer its global relationship network, valuable strategic insight, and operational guidance to portfolio companies and represents a valuable asset for its investors.

  • Jeff Greenberg

    Jeff Greenberg

  • Benedict B. Baerst

    Benedict B. Baerst

  • Ian D. Broadwater

    Ian D. Broadwater

  • Max Chee

    Max Chee

  • Michael Cichowski

    Michael Cichowski

  • James Fisher

    James Fisher

  • Jeffrey Foote

    Jeffrey Foote

  • Kevin Gregory

    Kevin Gregory

  • Geoffrey O. Kalish

    Geoffrey O. Kalish

  • Danté M. La Ruffa

    Danté M. La Ruffa

  • Vincenzo La Ruffa

    Vincenzo La Ruffa

  • Scott Leach

    Scott Leach

  • Mitchell M. Leidner

    Mitchell M. Leidner

  • Thomas Lynch

    Thomas Lynch

  • Mason Mohring

    Mason Mohring

  • Joseph G. Pappalardo

    Joseph G. Pappalardo

  • Jacob Pincus

    Jacob Pincus

  • Cole Riccardi

    Cole Riccardi

  • Richard P. Rosenbaum

    Richard P. Rosenbaum

  • Jason A. Rotman

    Jason A. Rotman

  • Jahanvi Sardana

    Jahanvi Sardana

  • Dan Savage

    Dan Savage

  • Nick Seibert

    Nick Seibert

  • Dhruv Sharma

    Dhruv Sharma

  • A.J.C. Smith

    A.J.C. Smith

  • Zach Smith

    Zach Smith

  • Jaryd Solomon

    Jaryd Solomon

  • Steven Spiegel

    Steven Spiegel

  • G. Kennedy Thompson

    G. Kennedy Thompson

  • Aleksandra Tyurina

    Aleksandra Tyurina

  • Igno van Waesberghe

    Igno van Waesberghe

  • Christina Walsh

    Christina Walsh

  • Christopher E. Watson

    Christopher E. Watson

  • Matthew J. Woeste

    Matthew J. Woeste

  • Craig D. Wunderlich

    Craig D. Wunderlich

  • Carly J. Arluke

    Carly J. Arluke

  • Ezra S. Berger

    Ezra S. Berger

  • Trey Block

    Trey Block

  • Eric Dunheimer

    Eric Dunheimer

  • Meghan Gaffney

    Meghan Gaffney

  • Larissa R. Marcellino

    Larissa R. Marcellino

  • Stephen Pearn

    Stephen Pearn

  • Wendy San Martin

    Wendy San Martin

  • Mark Alexander

    Mark Alexander

  • Philippe Carle

    Philippe Carle

  • Tony Catalfano

    Tony Catalfano

  • Stephen Catlin

    Stephen Catlin

  • C. Samantha Chen

    C. Samantha Chen

  • Bal G. Das

    Bal G. Das

  • Bob Deutsch

    Bob Deutsch

  • Ron Frank

    Ron Frank

  • Barnaby Grist

    Barnaby Grist

  • Stephen R. Hardis

    Stephen R. Hardis

  • Michael Kalen

    Michael Kalen

  • Paul A. Larkins

    Paul A. Larkins

  • Lord Lang of Monkton

    Lord Lang of Monkton

  • Stuart Myers

    Stuart Myers

  • Amna Naseer

    Amna Naseer

  • Patrick H.P. O'Sullivan

    Patrick H.P. O'Sullivan

  • Paul Schaeffer

    Paul Schaeffer

  • Sandra S. Wijnberg

    Sandra S. Wijnberg

  • Larry Wilson

    Larry Wilson

  • Stephen Wolff

    Stephen Wolff

Area of Expertise